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1                2      34
5  6  7       
      8    9         
    12    13   
14        15  16     
18      19           
20    21             
25            26               


  1. The mad doctor made Aroma smell like this.
  2. One of Bonzai's relatives grows these.
  3. Floyb is obsessed with these.
  4. Zarro prefers this to fish.
  5. Roly of Fruit Tease is this.
  6. The shortest member of the Sit-Down Stand-Up cast sells this.
  7. Blorgs need to eat these.
  8. While on the Fuzzy Doom, Chef Gregory baked these.
  9. This made Fluren's omelette crunchy.
  10. Roberto and Sniffy eat one of these in every episode.
  11. transformation gum
  12. Sadie temporarily died after turning into this.
  13. Brother Tory shouted this vegetable's name while singing "An die Freud".
  14. Aroma likes to eat these larvae.
  15. in Edge of Reason, there was a mix-up between kitty litter and...
  16. The stand at the bottom of the multiverse sells these.
  17. Artic's all-time favorite food


  1. Bonzai's cousin Keeble makes these.
  2. the beverage in the Plushie Teen Dinner Squad is this flavor.
  3. Object of Jack McSqueak's desire
  4. Brother Cho considers this an alternative to meat.
  5. Darkmask makes Lasagna with this meat.
  6. The fuzzy food of Akktri's devotional.
  7. Clarice picked these in the land of puns
  8. George and Kodo like to get into Aroma's stash of this.
  9. The lumberjack pony from Amanda turns into this.
  10. Bob the box' favorite fruit
  11. Artic's favorite pre-made sandwich
  12. The undead monster from Room For One More
  13. The Fiursome Foursome eat these every morning.

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