How to play:

In each item of the 2016 Pandora Advent Calendar, there is at least one hidden reindeer. It may be very small, it may be right in plain sight, it might be just the words "hidden reindeer". Likewise, in the 2017 calendar, every item has a hidden candy cane. If you can find the hidden item in each of the calendar goodies, post a message to my Facebook page. In your post, tell me the locations of each one.

The first one to find all the reindeer will recieve four dollars via PayPal.

The first to find all of the candy canes will recieve six dollars via payPal.

The first person to find all candy canes and reindeer will reiceve ten dollars via PayPal.

*Must provide valid PayPal address. Participants may claim only one prize each. Void where impossible. Only one entry per person, please.